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Shaping and engaging children through fun, passionate, and reliable care

About Us

Nanny By Design was founded by two nannies that have a passion for finding the perfect fit for both families and nannies. We pride ourselves on providing experienced and qualified nannies that bring professionalism, fun, and safety to our member's homes. 

We are a nanny placement agency that supplies part-time, full-time, and occasional nannies. Our primary focus is finding out which qualities each party finds most important to create a lasting relationship between the family and the nanny. 

Nanny By Design serves as a resource for both the family and the nanny. We hold trainings, workshops, and professional development classes open to either members or employees. The agency is membership based for families and our nannies are employees of the agency. We are here to make the process of finding a long-term relationship easier! We currently service the Triad area but are also available for recruitment and services throughout the state of North Carolina

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